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Quotes I joined the TOWPATH TURTLES during February of 2013. I was 65 years old at the time, and had decided that it might be fun to try running for the first time in my life!! I joined a group called couch to 5K in early January of last year, and had absolutely no success. I was so discouraged, and had decided that I just wasn't cut out for it. Then, I was introduced to Sheila. Honestly, from the very first training session, she realized what was holding me back, and had the ability to encourage me to push on. With her expert guidance, and with the amazing support of the members of the Towpath Turtles, I not only completed my first 5K, but I went on to do a 10K, a 10 miler, and then, the AKRON HALF-MARATHON. It was truly a wonderful experience, and I continue to enjoy running and the level of fitness that it provides. Thank you Sheila. Quotes
"older" runner

Quotes I had a very strong envy for runners and never felt I could wrap my head around running any sort of long distance. And the 5k fun runs I continued to sign myself up for were no fun at all! My mindset and attitude quickly changed after I met Sheila. Before I knew it I was signing up for the Akron 1/2 marathon with confidence. Mixing up the workouts each week kept the training from getting stale and repetitive. Sheila is well organized and experienced. Quotes
Christine T-K

Quotes I have too many positive words and thoughts to clearly put into a testimonial for Sheila. I came into the Towpath Turtles running group in early 2012 as a last resort. I had two separate incidents with stress-fractures due to running and was told that if I reached my third...I was out. I had trained for and ran two half-marathons before meeting Sheila, so I wasn't a new runner, I just wasn't a healthy runner. Being part of the Towpath Turtles and a running group helped me to start from scratch - a new stride, a new cadence, and a new pace. The pace at which I was running, starting anew, was incredibly hard for me to accept. The whole season I mentally struggled with slowing down, worrying about re-injury, and having fun. Following Sheila's training plan was pure magic for me. After my second running season, I am happy to say that I am not only injury-free but loving the experience of running just for the sake of running, for the first time in my life. Thank you OneLife Coach Sheila! Quotes
Kathy B.
Running Injury-free

Quotes I set a goal only to beat my best overall 1/2 time of 2:37 and was surprised by how much I smashed it. I actually became teary eyed when I saw the clock at the finish boy I can't wait to see those photos. What's funny is that my time from the Towpath this year is pretty close to my husband's best 1/2 time ever so he immediately said he'd better get out there and find another 1/2 to train for. HAHA. Love it! The track training really helped this year, Thank you! I've been using the super quick small strides which is perfect for me. Quotes
Christa H.
Towpath half-marathon; 2010, 2011, 2012

Quotes Thank you so much for coaching us. My initial goal was to run the shortest leg of the relay; I never dreamed I'd want to run the half. Teresa S. told me that I'd be really upset with myself if I didn't change over, and she was right. The additional Wednesday night sessions were absolutely worth the price and the time. You have been incredibly generous with your time and patience. I really appreciate it. This half marathon was the most uplifting, life-affirming, spiritual, FUN thing I have done since I gave birth (I know, tmi). I enjoyed every minute of this race, so much that I already signed up for next year. I've already informed my family that when the kids are old enough to be at home alone, I'm going to do the marathon. I intend to be a Turtle next year, too. Thank you for teaching me. Quotes
Stephani I.
Akron Half-Marathon 2012

Quotes I signed in 2008 with OneLife Fitness to run my very first half-marathon. I didn't know how it would work with my coach not always being by my side for every run, but I'm here to tell you IT WORKS! She set up plans for me to follow with strict training schedules/Food intake/Diaries to keep. She always made sure we checked in and talked about our work for the week, and answered any questions I had about running or how I was feeling. She made sure that I knew she was always available to me whenever I needed her. I could call or email and she'd always make time to talk with me. We even scheduled a travel practice run during my last LONG run before my race. I honestly don't know if I could or would have finished my first half- marathon without her excellent coaching and encouragement. I believe so strongly in One Life Fitness that I've signed up again for another Marathon training program to help me get ready for the Disney half-marathon in January, 2011. Quotes
Lauren Higgins
Satisfied Client

Quotes Review on Facebook page: Towpath Turtles, Feb 2014 The Towpath Turtles is one of the best training groups in the area. The coach Sheila Avsec is supportive and knowledgeable and the alumni runners are friendly and kind. You could not ask for a better environment to begin running and if you are wanting to take it to the next level you will meet so many new running partners to cheer you on. Without a doubt, they are the reason that I was able to start running confidently and continue creating goals for myself. Quotes
Facebook Reviewer
5 stars!

Quotes I couldn't do it with out the support, knowledge, and encouragement of this group! I've discovered my love of running as a result and have grown to appreciate my accomplishments! Quotes
Meralie P.
Towpath Turtles 2013, 2014

Quotes I joined the Towpath Turtles to learn how to run and train properly for a half marathon. Sheila promotes wellbeing regardless of where you are in your wellness journey. She helps you reach your running goals. I have shaved off minutes from my time and I have gone from walk/run to run. I am slow and it is just fine, we are working on it. The strength and confidence that I gained was incredible and far beyond running. I have met some of the most wonderful positive and supportive people. My new friendships reach beyond the path, road, or track. Thank you Sheila for giving me something to work towards and accomplish. Quotes
Rosemary Hickin

Quotes A friend told me about the Towpath turtles....thinking we would reacquaint, I took her up on the opportunity to join, with no intention of doing a half marathon! The mere thought was laughable! To my surprise, I loved meeting all the people, I was amazed with the support, and the guidance provided to me by Sheila which helped me to accomplish more than I ever dreamed possible! I can say I'm now quite addicted, and forever grateful for the turtles!! Quotes


  • "I have too many positive words and thoughts to clearly put into a testimonial for Sheila. I came into the Towpath Turtles running group in early 2012 as a last resort. I had two..."
    Kathy B.
    Running Injury-free
  • "Review on Facebook page: Towpath Turtles, Feb 2014 The Towpath Turtles is one of the best training groups in the area. The coach Sheila Avsec is supportive and knowledgeable ..."
    Facebook Reviewer
    5 stars!
  • "As we head into another Turtle season, I want to let you know that I would never have come as far as I have without you. I only came back for more because of you and your person..."
    Jennifer S-P
    Towpath Turtles 2011, 2012, 2013