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Are you ready to get started?

Send an email to: - or check out our Facebook pages: "OneLife Coaching or Towpath Turtles.

I'll contact you within 48 hours and we will select a time to meet to discuss your goals, and rates for the plan you select.

Together we will assess your current situation, both your fitness, as well as your lifestyle.  I will make practical, possible recommendations.

I will build a workout program for you, and support you as you implement it.  If you need me to walk, or run with you, I will.

I will share with you the techniques that led to my dramatic weight loss, as well as discuss candidly the ups and downs of maintaining it.

I will start you on a program with many healthier nutritional choices, and we will customize as necessary.

If you are facing potentially embarrassing issues as you go through this process, you and I will sit down and talk turkey about everything from where to find workout wear that fits an overweight body, to what to do about "ChubRub" and other potential exercise dealbreakers.


In addition to my personal weight loss and running experience I have the following certifications, experience and training.

Certified Running Coach - Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), 2009

Certified Fitness Trainer - International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), 2009

CPR/First Aid Certification - American Red Cross 2007 - present

Coach - Towpath Turtles - Running group for slow/beginning runners, 2008-2012

Coach - Girls On the Run, 2006-2009

Group Aerobics Instructor - Living Well Lady Health and Fitness Clubs, 1986-1988

Running Techniques Workshop - Kent State University/(W.I.T.S), 200

Programs available:

Adult Individual Distance Runner Training  - for specific distance, race, or pace goals.


Adult 8-week Base Building Program - Small group format that focuses on overall conditioning to get participants prepared for sport-specific training.  Emphasis will be on educating members about proper form and technique as well as assisting members in reaching intensity levels most effective to achieving their desired results.  Minimum of 6 participants.


Group "Towpath Turtles" Beginning Running Program - an 8-week intensive, highly structured group training program that de-mystifies the sport of running.  Members are educated about common terms and workouts, fueling norms, gear, race etiquette and running-related mental aspects (running mantras, confidence building, race strategizing).  Most suited for those new to the sport, or those who have attempted to run, but have stalled in efforts in becoming a distance runner. Minimum of 6 participants.


Adult "Towpath Turtles" Half-Marathon Training Program - Large group program best suited for those who enjoy being part of a team. Meets twice per week, (Sundays for long, slow distance run and on Wednesdays for training at the track).  All participants must have either completed the Beginning Running Program and/or be able to run a 10k and able to start the first week with a total weekly volume of 15 miles.  Minimum of 6 participants.


OneLife Mobile Workouts -  Let OneLife come to you!  A coach will come to you with all of the gear necessary to get an time efficient, effective workout tailored to your specific goals. (Available to individuals and small groups).


Walking for Women over Fifty - Specifically designed to educate, motivate and support participants who are unfit and/or do not meet the American Heart Association's recommendation of performing 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.  Meet 2-3 times per week - dates/times will be based on client's schedule.



OneLife Fitness Coaching is also available to present at health and

wellness events, expos and seminars.



I train locally in the Northeastern Ohio area, but do email and phone/webcam consultations with periodic visits nationwide.


Please see your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program to rule out any exercise programs that may be contraindicated.



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